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Sewer line issues can damage a property in more ways than one. Yes, there's the fact that the things that run through our sewers are meant to stay inside the sewers and not spill out. But when they do spill, they can cause physical damage to the property and pose a health hazard to the people who use that property. But that's only the starting point of the troubles that come from broken sewer lines.

At Drain Doctor, we've heard plenty of stories from our customers in Rye how their sewer repairs turned into nightmares. We've seen beautiful lawns and gardens ruined by antiquated sewer repair methods. That's why we don't use them. We believe that a job of a sewer line technician is to repair things and do everything possible to avoid causing new damage during the repairs.

For that reason, Drain Doctor offers trenchless sewer repair to residents of Rye. It's the least invasive sewer repair method on the market and it delivers great results. We wouldn't use trenchless methods if they didn't provide a clear benefit to our customers.

Trenchless sewer repair works by turning the logic of sewer repairs on its head. The sewer lines in your home are a controlled system with defined entry and exit points. The majority of the system is underground — sewer lines are rarely placed above ground. When diagnosing sewer line issues and repairing them, the traditional method would require us to get physical access to the pipe. In the process, we'd have to ruin everything that's above the pipe.

But there is a better way. We use technology that, in most cases, allows us to use the already installed access point to diagnose and fix the problem. We use an inspection camera that's easily inserted into the line and pushed all the way to the cause of the problem. This method is great for giving us a clean image of the complete state of the line because the camera allows us to see everything on the inside of the pipe.

Once we figure out the problem and determine that it can be dealt with using a trenchless method, our technicians will choose the most convenient access point to insert our professional trenchless pipe repair equipment into the sewer line. The equipment resembles an elongated balloon which is pushed down the sewer line. Once in position, the balloon is inflated, pushing a whole new layer of piping against the existing sewer line. Once the equipment deflates, and the new lining cures, your sewer line will have a brand new inside made out of durable materials capable of extending the line's usability for years. And all of that happens without destruction of land around the property to access the entire pipe.

Trenchless sewer line repair is the best, most advanced, and least intrusive way to perform an otherwise difficult repair. Our qualified technicians routinely perform trenchless sewer repairs with consistently satisfying results. If you'd like to learn more about the services we perform, contact us, and we'll see what's the best way to fix your sewer line problems.

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