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Rye, New York Sewer Repair Services

At Drain Doctor, we know very well how quickly a damaged sewer line can cause massive damage to a property, which is why we treat sewer line calls as emergencies. When a resident of Rye calls us, we are ready to be on site in the shortest time possible. Once there, we minimize the damage and use our all skills, experience, and advanced tools to get the line back into working condition.

Our technicians at Drain Doctor need to determine why the sewer lines are experiencing problems, and as a result, an inspection is conducted as soon as we arrive in order to decide how to approach the repair. In addition, the cause and the extent of the damage discovered through this inspection will affect the course and the complexity of the repairs. Using a special camera to inspect the line is the least invasive, quickest, and most efficient way to get an insight into the inside of the line. The camera gives us a real-time image of the line, including the point where the line malfunctioned, and all of this information is obtained without needing to dig a trench to access the sewer line.

Once our technicians have a clear idea of the state the sewer line is in, we can proceed to pick the best method to repair it. Sewer line repairs were once notorious for the excessive property damage and time it took to complete them through the traditional methods. At Drain Doctor, we employ modern techniques to significantly speed up the time it takes to repair sewer lines, and without the need to dig trenches as well.

The method we have come to prefer for all of our sewer repair services incorporate trenchless techniques and equipment, making it far more desirable than the conventional methods. A liner is inserted into the sewer line coated with a liquid epoxy resin. After the liner is inflated and the resin is applied, it is given time to cure and harden to form the new pipeline, completely installed from within the old sewer pipe. As a result, there is no need for our technicians to dig large trenches or remove the sewer pipe to perform the needed repairs. Instead, we can directly rehabilitate the sewer pipes from the inside, and it is through this innovation that our methods have become popular with customers. Property owner’s homes and landscaping remains intact, and the new pipe that is installed will serve the home efficiently for many years due to its extended lifespan as a result of its durable, smooth, and seamless qualities.

If you live in Rye or the surrounding area and require our assistance, call the team at Drain Doctor. Our friendly technicians will be right over to assess the situation, and they'll work with you to find the best solution to your problem. We ease our customer’s worries by ensuring that we are always equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to restore your sewer system, no matter how serious the problem may be.

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