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At Drain Doctor, trenchless pipe lining in Worchester is the modern answer to the sewer line problems that threaten to disrupt your daily routine. We no longer rely on traditional methods or trenches in order to fix your pipes because we strive to provide our customers with excellent results offered through a convenient, eco-friendly process.

Our experienced technicians will only need one small access point to carry out the repair. Through the point a CCTV camera is introduced into the pipeline for a visual inspection. Our DrainVision technology, coupled with an advanced line transmitter is used to diagnose the problem and to come up with the best solution. In our trenchless pipe lining, the liner is cut based on the length of the failing pipe shown in the video, ensuring our repairs will be precise. The sewer lines are cleaned through hydro jetting technology before the lining process begins, ensuring that the liner will adhere to the pipe smoothly.

Trenchless repair starts when our technicians fit in the appropriate-sized liner for the problem pipe. The liner is saturated with a special epoxy then fitted inside the broken pipe. The placement method is via a pulled in place procedure or the inversion process. The CIPP means that there are two small access points created, one that serves as the entry point and the other as the exit point. When the liner is placed, an artificial bladder expands the liner and allows the epoxy to coat the walls of the old pipe. The inversion method uses the power of gravity with air pressure or water to set the liner in place. Regardless of the placement method, trenchless pipe lining can quickly repair hundreds of feet in piping in a single session. The epoxy cures in just a matter of hours, instead of waiting for days with the traditional sewer repair methods.

Because of the lengths we take to ensure that trenchless pipe lining is non-invasive, this makes the solution extremely effective and versatile. The ground, soil, trees and grass won't have to be needlessly dug up to repair your pipes, and restoration costs can be completely avoided, making the benefits of trenchless pipe lining invaluable. Our technicians are able to repair all kinds of pipe materials, including corrugated metal, concrete, Orangeburg, clay, cast iron, HDPE, ABS, and PVC. High performance pipes will stand the test of time while being durable against common sewer pipe problems, ensuring that it won’t easily corrode, develop leaks, suffer from tree root infestations, or accumulate calcified matter. With these excellent standards of durability and strength in place, the new pipe material is created to last for at least fifty years or more while increasing the flow of wastewater.

While trenchless pipe lining is a powerful solution, at Drain Doctor, we are equipped with the machinery and techniques needed to perform other types of repairs as needed. We make sure we are always prepared when arrive at your Worchester property, and we strive to offer excellent services complemented with eco-friendly, affordable repair options. Call Drain Doctor for more information about our trenchless pipe lining services and allow us to assist you today!

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