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White Plains, New York Sewer Camera Inspection Services

For the times when unexpected problems occur in your sewer system, from severe blockage formations to pipeline collapses, call Drain Doctor to diagnose the exact issue and resolve it quickly. In White Plains, we offer our customers excellent services that will keep their system safe from health hazards and horrific accidents than can damage their property. Our services are as effective as they are because of the time we devote to conducting sewer camera inspections prior to any work we do, ensuring that the results we conclude with are accurate and will completely address the problem at hand.

The Best Way to Assess the Situation

Sewer camera inspections allow us to inspect sewer lines regardless of their location because we non-intrusive techniques that rely on existing points of access in order to conduct our repairs. Our technicians are equipped with a special camera attached to a long cable which is inserted into the sewer line through the access point. The camera allows us to easily identify irregularities in your pipes, such as clogs comprised of mineral calcification or tree root clumps, as well as determine the precise location and size of blockages. With no surprise discoveries, sewer camera inspections ensure precision and accuracy in the work we do.

Using the information we glean from our inspections, we offer professional advice to home and business owners based on our discoveries, and our recommendations are guaranteed to be accurate and supported through the results of the sewer camera inspection. This not only allows our technicians to provide the best solutions for our customers, it also gives our customers the ability to make an completely informed decision about the repair process that should be taken, creating an open dialogue between our company and our customers and instilling trust. Whether the decision reached is having the sewer line repaired, replaced, or simply cleaned, our customers will be fully aware of the benefits and expectations associated with these processes, as well as the accuracy these solutions will provide because of our sewer camera inspections. Without these advanced techniques, much of the work done on sewer repairs and cleaning would be far more sporadic and uncertain. At Drain Doctor, we strive to ensure that our work is accurate and long-lasting, and because of this, we make sure our technology is the most advanced and innovative in the industry.

Sewer camera inspection is one of the most valuable diagnostic tools that we employ at Drain Doctor. And while we're often called by White Plains residents who are having troubles with their sewers, we've also helped many people who were buying a new home determine the state of the sewer lines in the homes they were interested in. For us, making sure our customers are happy and helping them make good choices are the best reasons to do our job. So if you need sewer inspection services, call Drain Doctor. We’ll easily find the cause of your sewer line problems and propose the best solution based on the clear cut results our sewer camera inspections provide.

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