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With our years of experience with cleaning and maintaining drains in New York, we at Drain Doctor have had many opportunities to help people in the White Plains community fix the problems inside their drain pipes. Regardless of the difficulty or ease of the repair, we approach each situation with diligence and caution. We understand the health risks that drain problem can pose on home and business owners, and because of this,we ensure that our cleaning methods are safe and effective.

The symptoms of clogs are often easy to identify; from slow drainage to foul odors emitting from your sinks or bathtubs, the indications that a clog is present and creating problems are all too clear. At Drain Doctor, we assist our customers with any drain pipe problem they may be experiencing, and we incorporate advanced technology into our processes in order to correctly diagnose the problem. We avoid the use of toxic chemicals and other invasive techniques to remove the issue. Instead, we rely on the innovations of cleaning methods with eco-friendly results in order to assist our customers. One of the most popular solutions is hydro jetting, a solution that relies on limited machinery and equipment to be employed and produces excellent results that does more than just removing clogs. Offered at an affordable price and quick to conduct, hydro jetting is one of the most practical drain cleaning solutions in the industry.

Before we conduct a hydro jetting cleaning session, we first inspect the pipes through a sewer camera inspection. We send a camera into the pipes, expertly navigating the camera through bends with a flexible cable. The camera captures high-quality footage of the interior wall of your pipes, allowing us to locate clogs as well as identify other potential complications. After the clog’s location has been pinpointed and noted, we move to clean the pipes with hydro jetting, relying on existing access points to insert the hose and special nozzle as well as create an access point for the rush of water. The special nozzle on the hose is designed to spray water at an incredibly powerful speed, forcing clogs and debris out of place and washing it out of the pipe. Relying on the pressure of pure water, your drains are more than just cleared of clogs. With hydro jetting, the inner walls are cleaned of debris, restoring their smooth texture and encouraging the efficient flow of wastewater throughout your sewer system once again. As an added bonus, the power of the water is enough to remove the clogs and debris, but not strong enough to bring any harm to your pipes, resulting in an efficient tool for drain cleaning that preserves the integrity of your pipes.

Our customers in White Plains know that when they have troubles with their drains, there's only one Drain Doctor they need to call. We offer professional and timely service at a reasonable price, and we use advanced tools to ensure the quality of our job. We have been in the drain cleaning business for many years, making us prepared for any situation we encounter. We have the confidence and skills to resolve any complication in your drain pipes no matter how severe the circumstances are. When you need a top-notch service for the drains in your house, Drain Doctor is the company to call if you want to get the job done quickly and to your satisfaction.

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