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Scarsdale, New York Sewer Repair Services

The professionals at Drain Doctor are privileged to service the residents and business owners of Scarsdale, New York. Our job is to provide the best services and alternatives to our customers to meet their needs. While technology is constantly improving and times are changing, there are new methods and options that make plumbing easier, more effective, more efficient and environmentally friendly. We have brought this new-and-improved technology to the Scarsdale area, and it is going to make sewer repairs a whole lot easier.

Nu Flow Technology

This new form of sewer repair has many assets that make it the better option both now and in a long-term aspect. So what is Nu Flow? It’s a cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining procedure, and it involves creating a new pipe inside the old pipe.

The process includes following the tract of your already existing pipeline, treating the old pipes and filling them with the Nu Flow structural lining or epoxy coating. This forms a lining that is so durable and long lasting that it essentially creates a new pipe within the preexisting ones.

One huge factor that is different about this method compared to traditional acts of replacing the entire piping system. Nu Flow allows our professionals to follow the tract of the pipes internally.

It’s a trenchless sewer repair that takes less time, less mess and less money spent. The minimally invasive process is environmentally friendly. It avoids the long-term use of heavy machinery polluting the air and saves the natural environment of our homes and businesses.

The nonintrusive component of this procedure goes beyond just the traditional process. It also helps avoid interfering with the normal activities of family and employees. While typical sewer repairs are known to last an extended period of time, they also cause disruptions in day-to-day activities due to water flow restrictions.

This could lead to families being displaced and businesses not being able to function during normal work hours. Thankfully, we are able to offer quick completion times with the use of Nu Flow. In fact, one day’s worth of work can be enough to get the job done.

So how do you know if Nu Flow will work for your sewer repair needs? Our plumbers will perform a video sewer line inspection to diagnose the issue as well as determine the best solution to the issue. Nu Flow is able to fix leaks, cracks, deterioration and more. It’s a more affordable and efficient solution for many of our customer’s sewer repair needs.

Drain Doctor is proud to bring Nu Flow to the Scarsdale, New York area. Sewer repairs can be a hassle and we want to make the process as easy as possible. We have fast service responses for your emergencies and are ready and willing to accommodate you quickly and courteously.

Contact Drain Doctor for your video sewer line inspection, and we can decide if Nu Flow’s improved fixing method is the solution for you.

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