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Newark Sewer Repair

When you need fast, effective sewer repair in your Newark, New Jersey home or business, you can always rely on Drain Doctor. We employ the latest technology to ensure quality results at affordable rates. Our skilled technicians can handle any problem, large or small.

Drain Doctor specializes in sewer repair services that take the hassle out of the process by taking advantage of advances in trenchless repair technology. Our methods safely and effectively restore sewer lines to optimal operating efficiency without the need for extensive trenching or demolition. We have a small repair footprint that protects your valuable property features from damage, so even a major sewer repair causes little or no disruption to your daily routine.

Not only does our technology make the sewer repair process easier and hassle-free, it also makes sewer repairs faster and less expensive. Unlike a traditional dig-and-replace system that takes days or even weeks, our sewer repair projects typically take just a day from start to finish. Reduced overhead and the elimination of costly repaving and landscape repair also cuts the cost of the repair by as much as 40%, saving our customers hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Standard Drain Cleaning

If your sewer flow has been severely restricted by buildup or obstructed by compacted waste and foreign objects, Drain Doctor has powerful tools to restore your drains to peak functionality. Drain clearing is one of our most common sewer repair requests, and we’re experts at reopening drains quickly and easily. Our tools effortlessly remove accumulated waste, grease, and especially the troublesome hard water scale that’s such a frequent concern in the Newark area. There’s no sewer flow problem that Drain Doctor can’t correct.

Tree Root Invasion

Drain Doctor is also the area expert on removing tree root infiltration from Newark’s many mature trees. Roots are the most common destructive problem in sewer lines, working their way into joints and then cracking and separating the pipes as the roots grow. Once inside, they form a knotted mass deep in the sewer pipe that steadily restricts flow until they block it altogether. Drain Doctor can both remove the roots and delay or prevent their return, for the most effective tree root prevention system available.

Pipe Lining in Newark

If your pipeline has broken or begun to leak, Drain Doctor can repair your buried pipe while it’s still underground using our innovative pipe lining solutions. These modern sewer repair systems rebuild the damaged pipe from the inside out, essentially replacing it right where it is. Trenchless pipe lining costs a fraction of dig-and-replace repairs and lasts for decades, withstanding extreme heat and cold, rust and corrosion. It even repels tree root penetration. Once Drain Doctor restores your damaged pipe, you won’t have to worry about it again for a generation or longer.

Drain Doctor prides ourselves on our powerful, effective, and versatile sewer repair solutions, and we have years of experience in restoring blocked and damaged sewer lines in Newark, NJ. We can diagnose and repair any sewer problem, and our service is always top-shelf. Call us today to talk about your unique sewer repair needs!

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