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Newark Drain Cleaning

Savvy Newark residents and business owners count on Drain Doctor to keep their sewer system at peak functionality with our innovative drain cleaning services. We can remove blockages, clean out tree roots, and scour away years of buildup to quickly and affordably return your sewer system to its designed specifications. You can enjoy the efficiency of a new drain system at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Drain Cleaning Benefits

Drain Doctor’s drain cleaning service is a safe and effective process to remove accumulated waste and minerals from the interior of a pipe, which restores sewer flow to optimal capacity and prevents obstructions. It also removes clumps of waste, paper products, and foreign objects that cause sewer backup, and it breaks apart root balls that keep waste from passing through the sewer pipe normally. Drain cleaning affords homeowners the peace of mind that their sewer system will continue to function correctly, and it helps business owners avoid embarrassing incidents and potential lawsuits from sewer backup and customer exposure to biological hazards. Plus, it’s fast and affordable, so you can enjoy these benefits without a large time commitment or expense.

Hydro Jetting in Newark

To clean your Newark, New Jersey drain, Drain Doctor inserts a specialized, high-pressure nozzle into the pipe that emits water in 360 degrees at forces more than 4000 PSI. This powerful tool, called a hydro jetting system, can scour away years of waste and mineral buildup in minutes, quickly restoring the pipe to its original specifications for like-new function. The nozzle and water hose can be extended through the ground as far as 100 feet, allowing full cleaning of sewer pipes that run beneath your yard, driveways, and parking areas. It’s also highly flexible, working easily through tight elbows, complex connections, and changing pipe diameters to clean every nook and cranny. It’s almost like having a new sewer line installed with none of the hassle.

Hydro jetting is an effective way to eliminate obstructions that are causing sewer backup and slow-draining sinks or showers. The powerful jets pulverize the clog, breaking it into tiny fragments that easily wash out of the pipe with no cleanup. The force of the water is even strong enough to remove tree roots that have infiltrated the pipe, a common problem in the Newark area that cause thousands of dollars of sewer damage. Drain Doctor can remove all these problems in just an afternoon for complete correction that restores full capacity.

Preventative Drain Cleaning

Drain Doctor also offers preventive drain cleaning to remove grease, waste, and mineral buildup at regularly scheduled intervals. This low-cost treatment prevents the narrowing of pipe that leads to frequent clogs and hundreds of dollars in blockage removal. Both homeowners and commercial property owners benefit from drain cleaning, and service businesses such as restaurants and hospitality industries especially enjoy the assurance that sewer removal will never be an issue

For reliable, affordable, effective drain cleaning services, residents and businesses in Newark, NJ turn to Drain Doctor. We have the leading technology to ensure that your sewer system always works at peak capacity. Call today to discuss your unique needs and schedule the service for you!

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