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Sewer Pipe Inspection Stamford, CT

Stamford, Connecticut Sewer Pipe Inspection Services

The traditional methods of trenching up whole yards to get to the pipe connections buried underground is a thing of the past. A combination of the pipe inspection Stamford CT process and the appropriate trenchless solution leaves new-like pipes that can last 50 years or more. The whole process is 100% percent accurate. It's much more efficient than having to hire manpower and heavy machinery only to destroy your precious landscape! Drain Doctor provides the best and the latest no-dig solutions in the area. Our DrainVision® Video Inspection ensures that your sewer or water line issues are diagnosed properly via line location transmitters and a high-end camera. We can locate any obstruction, identify your pipe's overall condition and find the damage that hinders your pipes from working 100%.

How We Spot Line Issues Big and Small

Trenchless technology is the preferred plumbing method because it's quick and it allows you to see the source of the problem without having to dig.

Here's a comprehensive step by step guide on how we provide accurate pipe diagnoses using the no dig solution:

  1. A flexible fiber optic wire is attached to a miniscule, high-powered camera, which is then sent down to any pipe opening in your property.
  2. Our expert technicians navigate the tube through the pipes and see if there are obstructions or blockages that need to be cleared.
  3. live camera feed gives you real-time visual on any cracks, corrosion or root intrusion. Once the problem source is found, our technicians come up with the right trenchless technology to restore your pipes good as new.

Drain Doctor's mission is to provide honest and professional service to all our customers. We are committed to finding out the problem as soon as possible and providing you all the options you need to make an informed decision. We provide an all-in-one solution when you need to have your water or sewer pipes repaired or replaced.

Once the trenchless repair or replacement is complete, we do a final camera inspection to make sure everything's in place.

A Pipe Inspection Benefits You In Many Ways:

  • Seamless Service Integration: Our pipe inspection service records the depth, length and location of your sewer lines for later use. It can serve as an excellent reference for annual pipe check-ups.
  • Safe and Smooth Operation: Your pipes will be better than ever in most aspects. The new material prevents blockages, backups and buildups. Flow is improved as well.
  • Educated Buying Decision: It's best to have a pipe inspection carried out before you purchase any property. You can factor in the status of the property's pipes in negotiating the final price.
  • Preventive Maintenance: Regular pipe inspections ensure that you won't be waking up one day to find your basement flooded, your toilet backing up and have your day disrupted. Small plumbing issues can be fixed as soon as they are detected.

Call Drain Doctor today for a no-mess, no-guess pipe inspection in Stamford CT. We can fix the pipes that's causing you trouble in less than a few hours!

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