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Ridding Your Water of Harmful Contaminants

If you drink water straight from the tap, it’s important to consider how clean and/or safe it actually is. As it passes through your plumbing system, elements from the surrounding rocks and soil, such as magnesium and calcium, tend to mix with the water. Additionally, many municipalities attempt to improve the condition of the water, but this only results in fluoride or other cleaning chemical contamination. If you’re searching for a way to ensure your home or business has quality water, Drain Doctor can help. We offer a variety of water treatment services in Rye.

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The Importance of Cleaner Water

Whether you’re drinking or washing yourself with untreated water, your body absorbs many of the substances within it. This can cause serious health problems due to many of the dangerous chemicals that are not properly filtered out.

Examples of these dangerous substances include:

  • Fluoride: A neurotoxin and endocrine disruptor, this commonly harms thyroid glands and calcifies pineal glands.
  • Chlorine: When this bonds with water, including the water already present in your stomach, it produces poisonous hydrochloric acid.
  • Lead: This chemical is extremely toxic to most bodily organs and lead poisoning can result in developmental or behavioral issues, learning disabilities, brain damage, deafness, stunted growth, and more.
  • Mercury: Incredibly poisonous to those who absorb or ingest it, this can lead to many complications affecting the brain, muscles, and skin.
  • Arsenic: This leads to the development of many types of cancers including skin, lung, and bladder.
  • PCBs: Despite being banned, they are commonly found in landfills and frequently make their way into the water. This can result in harm to the endocrine, reproductive, nervous, and immune system.

The Benefits of Water Treatment Systems

There are many different ways to improve your home or business’ water. These range from localized water filtration systems to whole-home filtration systems, and even water softeners or ionizers. At Drain Doctor, we stock a variety of the highest quality systems and will work with you to determine which would best meet your family or company’s needs.

Without proper treatment, hard, or contaminated, water results in dry skin and hair as well as a disgusting residue that makes dishes look dirty even after they’ve just been cleaned. Hardwater is also rough on your pipes and appliances, which can lead to them corroding or weakening faster.

Additional benefits of water treatment systems include:

  • You will no longer need to purchase plastic water bottles, which is better on your wallet and the environment
  • You will eradicate exposure to harmful chemicals, which improves your appearance and health
  • You will be protected should a breakdown in the city’s municipal sanitization system occur

We Install, Repair & Replace Water Treatment Systems

At Drain Doctor, our plumbers have more than two decades of experience and are eager to help with all of your water treatment system needs. We will provide you with a free handwritten estimate, so you know the cost before we begin service.

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