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Sewage backing up is never a pretty sight. The damage to your flooring, walls, electrical systems, furniture, and property is not only costly but a serious health hazard as well. If you ever find yourself under duress from an untimely sewage backup in Rye, call the expert technicians at Drain Doctor and we’ll get you back on track right away.

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Major Signs of a Sewer Backup

A clog will manifest itself in different ways.

Common signs of a sewer backup include:

  • Gurgling noises whenever you use the toilet, sink, or drain
  • Water bubbling out of the toilet
  • Drains in the shower and kitchen drain slowly

If you are experiencing any of the above signs, it’s time to have your drains inspected and cleaned by one of our professional technicians.

Identifying the Cause of the Problem

At Drain Doctor, we use specialized, high-tech equipment to find out the cause of your sewage backup without ever having to dig a single trench. Our team starts by finding a cleanout hole, then inserting a high-definition camera affixed to a flexible line to get anywhere in your sewer system. As the line is maneuvered by our technician, a live feed is sent to a monitor waiting above the ground, allowing us to see the insides of your pipes in real time. From there, we can navigate and get to the bottom of why you’re experiencing sewer backups. Then, an accurate diagnosis is formed and we use our expertise to come up with the best solution possible.

When we receive calls from residents and business owners who are experiencing constant sewer backups in Rye, the cause is normally one of these three:

  • Tree Root Invasion: Tree roots can seek nourishment from beneath the ground and, when conditions are right, invade your pipes through the cracks and the weakened joints. From there, the roots grow and choke the inner diameter, causing the flow to stop and backup.
  • Collapsed or broken sewer lines: Sewer backups often happen because of collapsed, cracked, or broken pipes, especially for older properties. If your sewer system had cast iron or clay piping when the house was built, your plumbing will need to be replaced with stronger material.
  • Clogs: A property’s main sewer line can accumulate debris such as hair, grease, soap scum, food particles, and calcified matter. If the problem is localized in one area, such as a toilet, a drain, or a tub, then the clog may be nearby. If the problem is exacerbated whenever you flush, then the clog could be likely found along the sewer main.

Periodic Inspections for Preventing Backups

At Drain Doctor, we recommend routine inspections to ensure you won’t get caught off-guard with backups and sewer line emergencies. Our company offers thorough sewer pipe inspections for homes and businesses throughout Rye, Westchester County, and the surrounding areas. We use only the latest in trenchless technology to locate the source of the sewer problem to come up with the appropriate solution. There’s no guesswork or any digging involved, which saves our customers time and money.

When you need the help of an expert for your most pressing sewer concerns, give us a call at (914) 290-6236 and we’ll be there right away.

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