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Efficient Hydro Jetting for Clogged Drains

Over time, debris and buildup accumulate on the interior of drain lines and sewer mains. In many cases, grease, scale, paper, and other sediments form a solid layer on the walls of pipes, reducing their function and causing issues within your plumbing system. Traditional drain cleaning methods include the use of wire cables, known as snakes or augers. While this method is usually effective in penetrating stoppages and removing them from your drain, it does not efficiently clean the pipe and leaves debris and scale behind with the potential for recurring issues. At Drain Doctor, we use the most effective and affordable methods of drain cleaning in Rye to ensure that problems do not reoccur and are taken care of in a timely manner.

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Identifying Your Drain Problems Through Inspection

Our team at Drain Doctor specializes in drain inspection technology because it is the most effective way to assess your drain before using any kind of cleaning method on your pipes. Drain camera inspection is a technology that can be used on interior or exterior pipe systems. The process begins with our team locating a cleanout hole, which is an access point that provides us with entry to your pipelines. If there is no cleanout hole available to us, we will dig a small, strategically placed hole above the pipeline needing service. The drain camera inspection process involves inserting a high-definition waterproof camera into your pipelines. The camera is attached to a flexible rod and, as it moves through your pipe system, it will provide our team a live feed of your pipe’s interior, revealing exactly what the cause and location of your clog or blockage is.

Are Commercial Drain Cleaners Bad For Plumbing?

When clogs form in bathroom or kitchen drains many homeowners instinctively reach for a bottle of Drano or some other commercial drain cleaner. What most homeowners might not know is just how bad drain cleaners are for their plumbing. Most commercial drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will lead to severe problems with your pipes down the road.

Many of the chemicals in drain cleaners are caustic. This means they are able to burn or corrode organic tissue. Due to their caustic nature, this means they are good at breaking up stubborn clogs, but they will erode your pipes. Especially if you have older pipes or new PVC pipes. This is not something that will happen immediately, but pipes can become soft and leaks can develop overtime.

Hydro Jetting for Your Home or Business

At Drain Doctor, we only use environmentally friendly drain cleaning services that can ensure the safety and health of your pipelines.

Hydro Jetting is a process that uses high-pressure water to clear pipe stoppages, including:

It is a highly effective approach to cleaning blocked lines. Our procedure involves a hose with a multi-directional head that is inserted into your pipeline through a single access point and allows us to flush your drains with speed and efficiency. Although hydro jetting is a highly reliable form of drain cleaning, in some cases, cleaning your drains with high-pressure water is not a feasible option. In these scenarios, we utilize a patented Nu Flow turbine micro-cutter to “dry clean” the line, opening blockages and restoring pipes to their original diameter.

We are proud to be one of the first companies in the area to offer hydro jetting. Furthermore, we have invested in one of the most powerful machines in the region. At Drain Doctor, we are often called when our competitors fail because if it’s not done right the first time, your problems will return.

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5 Ways To Prevent The Need For Drain Cleaning

1. Wash your drains - We have a tendency to forget to wash our drains because we can't see them. But best practices are to rinse your drains with warm water and vinegar once a month and to clean our your garbage disposal with ice cubes.

2. Install a hair stopper on your shower drain - Our Rye drain cleaning experts get called into houses to take hair out of the shower daily. These hair-filters are very inexpensive and can save your drains from constant cleaning and repair.

3. Put a lint-trap on your washing machine's drain line - If your washing machine isn't draining like it used to, it's because your unit's drain line is clogged. These lint-traps work a lot like hair-stoppers and are worth the cheap investment.

4. Collect cooking oils in a used milk carton - Cooking oils and grease can latch onto your pipes and block passing by food. So make sure to dispose of these fatty oils carefully in a used milk carton to dispose of later.

5. Throw out the following food items in the trash - Chicken bones, pasta, rice, celery, coffee grounds and egg shells can all wreak havoc and demand the attention of our Rye drain cleaning specialists.

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