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What is Drain Cleaning?

What do washing the dishes, showering, and brushing your teeth have in common? They all require drainage. Drains are a vital part of your indoor plumbing system, and over time, they can develop issues that require drain cleaning. You use your drains for a variety of reasons, and a variety of things can travel down the pipes. Over time, build-up and even clogs can occur, and eventually, professional drain cleaning may be necessary.

Drain cleaning is an essential maintenance service performed by professional plumbing contractors. It involves removing blockages from the pipes that connect to the drains in order to prevent clogs and back-ups. Unlike over-the-counter drain cleaners that are sold in stores and contain harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes and create even bigger problems, professional plumbers will use cutting-edge tools and equipment and tried and tested techniques and strategies to remove debris from your drainage system.

Drain Cleaning Westchester County, NY

Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Is the water in your sink draining slowly? Do you end up standing in a pool of water whenever you take a shower? Do you hear gurgling sounds coming from your sink whenever you wash the dishes? Have you noticed an unpleasant fragrance in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room and you can’t figure out the source? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s probably time to clean your drains.

Sure, you can try DIY techniques to resolve the problem yourself, such as a plumber or a store-bought chemical drain cleaner, but if these approaches don’t work, it’s probably time to have your drains cleaned. Not sure if you need drain cleaning services? The following are some of the telltale signs that indicate it’s time to schedule an appointment with a professional drain cleaning service.

  •         Slow drains or standing water in your showers, sinks, tubs, washing machines, etc.
  •         Gurgling, bubbling, or gushing sounds
  •         Foul odors that seem to be coming out of your drains
  •         Frequent clogged or overflowing toilets
  •         Sewage backups
  •         Unusually high water bills

When drainage issues arise, don’t delay; contact the Drain Doctor right away! Our team of professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your drain system and will use advanced tools and technologies to clear existing clogs and prevent future clogs from occurring.

Drain Cleaning Westchester County, NY

Why Westchester Residents Trust the Drain Doctor

If you’re looking for the best drain cleaning services in Westchester County, look no further than the Drain Doctor. We understand that clogs and blockages are more than just frustrating; they can disrupt your daily life, create hazardous conditions, and can cause serious damages that require costly repairs. We also know that drainage issues can happen at any time, so to help you avoid more serious problems and to keep the disruption to a minimum, we offer emergency services. Our plumbers are on-call 24/7 and are available to assist you day and night. As soon as you contact us, we’ll dispatch a team to your location. Our professionals will arrive promptly and with all of the necessary tools and equipment, and they’ll start working right away.

We use the most advanced techniques, such as video inspections and hydro jetting, and will have your drains flowing smoothly again in no time. Our expert technicians can resolve the most stubborn blockages from main water lines, sewer drains, sink drains, kitchen drains, shower and tub drains, toilet drains, and more. With just one call to the Drain Doctor, your drains will be flowing again in no time.

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