How to Maintain Your Pipes Throughout 2019

Routine plumbing maintenance is the number one way to keep your pipes running smoothly throughout 2019. However, calling the plumber usually falls on the list of things to do in case of an emergency.

There are several advantages to proactively caring for your home’s plumbing, not the least of which is saving time and money by avoiding plumbing emergencies. When you take the time to have our team at Drain Doctor Plumbing Specialists routinely inspect your pipes, the technician is able to catch small issues before they turn into major problems.

Types of Routine Plumbing Maintenance

Lifestyle and environmental factors can affect your pipes, even if you can’t see what’s happening. Having them inspected regularly will alert you to any buildup, blockages, or invasive tree roots that could cause future damage.

  1. Sewer Camera Inspection

See what the inside of your pipes look like with a camera inspection. Video inspections every one to two years not only alerts you to natural damage, like corrosion, but you also spot cracks and invasive tree roots that can cause your water bill to increase and make way for large-scale damage. The plumber will insert a waterproof camera attached to a malleable cable into your pipes and push the camera throughout the plumbing for a thorough inspection.

  1. Hydro Jetting

Over years of usage, your pipes begin to accumulate buildup and debris that can cause your system to not work as efficiently. An environmentally friendly way to clean your pipes is with¬†Hydro Jetting services. Hydro Jetting cleans your Greenwich pipes with high pressure water. A circulating nozzle ensures the grease, scales, clogs, and tree roots and washed away. Because Hydro Jetting is eco-friendly, it’s safe to clean your pipes every one to two years.

Benefits Of Preventative Plumbing

Scheduling preventative plumbing care for your pipes will help your home’s plumbing run more efficiently and prolong the life of your pipes. A yearly camera inspection will help avoid costly damages and detect hidden leaks, while hydro jetting improves plumbing performance and prevents pipe clogs. Care for your pipes in 2019 and beyond with these two preventative treatments.