How to Keep Your Sewer Pipes Clean in Your White Plains Home

We use our drainage systems to make sure that other things are clean. We wash dishes, flush away waste, brush our teeth, wash our laundry, and wash our bodies and hair. With washing and cleaning all of these things, imagine what the inside of your pipes look like? They have to withstand all of those things passing through them, it’s not hard to believe that there is a lot of waste buildup that can form over time. How can you keep your sewer pipes clean? Using drain cleaners that are sold in the store do more harm than good as the chemicals are harmful to your pipes when used consistently, and snaking without a trained professional also has the potential to cause more damage. So what is the best thing to do?

The best thing to do is to make sure your pipes are cleaned by professionals on a routine basis. While many probably think this will cost a lot of money, it is actually more beneficial and cost-effective to have your pipes cleaned frequently because it prevents so many issues from happening. Recurring clogs, rusting, blockages, and deterioration are all eliminated risks when you get your pipes routinely cleaned. This means that you are extending the life of your pipes as well as avoiding a call to the plumber for routine maintenance fixes such as slow drainage or overflowing toilets.

Drain cleaning is done with ease with various non-invasive options. Professionals are able to perform everything internally without having to access the pipes externally. Hydro jetting is a popular and powerful method used to remove buildup with highly-pressurized water. Other forms of cleaning also include traditional mechanical snaking as well as turbine micro cutting.

If you’re a resident in the White Plains area, Drain Doctor can tackle your needs. They are available for hydro jetting options as well as other forms of cleaning. They can perform a sewer camera inspection to determine the best option for your sewer system. Call Drain Doctor New York today.