Why Drain Cleaning Is an Important Investment

In an ideal world, homeowners wouldn’t have to deal with repairing the damage clumps of roots make as they grow inside a pipe, or quickly removing waste buildup before it causes corrosion and rust. But because pipe maintenance is incredibly important in preventing emergencies, a part of that preventative process is drain cleanings, conducted periodically to keep your drains clean. A worthy investment, there are many reasons that drain cleaning services are important, and by having routine cleanings, accidents can be avoided and costs can be reduced.

Drain water backing up into a kitchen or bathroom will not be the problem that it would be backing up into a basement. Imagine the effort and cost involved in drying out a room that traditionally has no windows and cleaning any belongings in the basement such as furniture. The mold and mildew that could be growing within the furniture is harmful to health, and could lead to a need for expensive medical help. The drain water has the potential to damage the drywall as well, resulting in expensive repairs.

If the basement is carpeted, the entire carpet will have to be thrown out. Then you’ll have to take time out to choose a new carpet and incur expense in purchasing a new one and having it laid out. If you have any things stored there in cardboard boxes, such as papers and clothes, they’re likely to get contaminated by the backed up drain water too, and most of the time that means throwing these things out, no matter why you had stored them in the first place. Stagnant water around the foundations of a home could weaken the structure with disastrous results. If you ever plan on selling the house, inspection services could catch on to damage and this would drastically lower the price of the property.

As you can see, blocked drains can wreak havoc on your home and bank balance. While you may consider drain cleaners a good alternate, they’re quite often the opposite. The harsh chemicals can damage your pipes, leading to much, much bigger problems than a simple drain cleaning. Professional drain cleaning is an affordable option, one that needs to be scheduled just once a year, at your convenience. And because you know it needs to be done, you can budget for it, sparing yourself the unpleasant task of cleaning contaminated areas and an expense you did not foresee.

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