The Complications of Drain Pipe Relining Services in Urban Areas

Let’s face it. When someone talks about New York, the common perception is the true definition of an urban area. The Big Apple, The City of Dreams and The City that Never Sleeps. There is never a dull time in New York City. Even some of the outskirts of the city experience the constant hustle and bustle of action, which is both an expectation and reality.

True urban areas like New York City have heavy traffic flow, pedestrians, bikers and metro systems. Traveling is no easy task in the city. It’s a natural thing to deal with even without the hassle of accidents or construction. The movement of hundreds and thousands of people coming to and from the city at the same time leads to spiked travel times. Traffic has been and always will be an inevitable thing in the city of New York.

So imagine on top of all of the normal day-to-day traveling restrictions, now we have a drain pipe renovation process underway. Groundbreaking, heavy machinery blocking up lanes, roads being completely closed down to access sewer lines and even more traffic created from the construction zones. What a nightmare!

Drain Pipe Relining Services in Urban Areas

Sewer repairs vary on the extent of how much work needs done and time that is put into completing a renovation or repair. Urban areas are the absolute worst places to experience this type of situation. Why add to the chaos that already exists when new technology allows us to skip this hassle and fix a sewer issue with minimal time, minimally invasive processes and less disruptive services?  

No More Complications

We have finally entered the days of true trenchless sewer repairs. Professionals are now able to forego the excavation processes completely. Leaks, bursts and cracks in existing pipes are now able to be repaired by relining pre-existing pipes with durable epoxy coatings. This material fills the pipes, lining them and allowing the effect of a brand new pipe to form inside. No digging. No replacing. Just following the pre-existing drainage system tract and coating the pipes that are already in place. That’s the beauty of drain pipe relining.

Not only does this process avoid digging and construction zones, but it also eliminates the use of heavy machinery. While digging is a process and does cause disruption, the use of large machines and equipment leads to the blocking of streets as well, causing for rerouting of traffic and inconveniencing the usual travelers.

Also with the relining process comes an efficient procedure that allows technicians to save ample time. A project that would typically take days or weeks now takes a matter of one day’s worth of work. Clean the pipes, reline with the epoxy materials and end with like-new pipes. It’s that simple.

For all New York residents and commercial owners who are looking for a way to fix your plumbing needs without disturbing the normal day-to-day operations of your urban area, the professionals at Drain Doctor New York are ready and willing to accommodate your plumbing needs. Drain Doctor is proud to use the new trenchless technology to reline pipes without the hassle in the New York area. Call Drain Doctor for your professional plumbing needs and services.