Why Trenchless Pipe Lining is the Recommended Solution for Your North Brunswick Home

Experiencing pipeline problems is never a fun prospect, and the mess, hassle, and cost of a major repair can be daunting. Drain Doctor can remove this stress through their range of trenchless plumbing solutions – minimally invasive processes that are completed in a fraction of the time that a traditional job would be. With multiple locations, including in North Brunswick, Drain Doctor’s highly trained professional staff are ready to solve your pipeline disasters today!

Regardless of your maintenance or repair needs, trenchless solutions are a great option. Included in this suite of procedures is a trenchless sewer pipe lining, suitable for fixing many types of damage.

Benefits of Trenchless

The trenchless moniker stems from this procedure’s low-mess nature. Employing traditional plumbing repair methods means a long trench will be dug in your backyard or underneath the foundation of your home in order to reach the sewer pipe. Not included in your price or service quote is the cost of clean-up following your sewer repair; landscaping and the re-pouring of a concrete basement floor are typical. Trenchless repairs differ in that they require only a small hole or access point to reach your pipe and make all necessary repairs, meaning it can be completed underneath an undisturbed foundation, driveway, or lawn!

This non-invasive approach is also beneficial for other reasons: trenchless procedures can take less than a day to complete what might have previously taken days or weeks, and your family won’t be inconvenienced by long periods of construction or going without running water.

The process is also more environmentally friendly. Your current pipe stays in place, rather than being sent to a landfill. Additionally, sewer pipe liners are very durable and have a lifespan of up to fifty years, substantially longer than any other pipe material currently in existence. This means that your next repair or replacement will be much further into the future, leading to less waste produced over time.

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Once the access point is established, a liner (resembling a flattened fireman’s hose) made of durable epoxy resin is affixed to the end of your pipe. High pressure forces the liner simultaneously inside-out and into your pipe, where it forms a new pipe within your existing plumbing. After a brief curing process, it’s ready to use!

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