City of White Plains Funds Residential Pipe Lining

After numerous main waste line stoppages causing effluent backup (sewage) into this White Plains home, the home owner reached out to the City White Plains Planning Department for assistance. Immediately following, the Planning Department contacted Drain Doctor and requested that we perform a video inspection of the line in question.

The results confirmed severe root penetration, multiple joint separations and a large hole in the pipe where debris in the line was collecting and causing the stoppages and backups. Due to the numerous successful pipe lining projects previously completed by Drain Doctor for the City of White Plains, the Planning Department had no doubt they could rely on us to resolve this issue for their resident in need. An approximately 50 foot Nu Flow pipe liner was installed in one day and resolved the waste line issues without the need for ANY excavation, at approximately half the cost of traditional pipe replacement. A post video inspection confirmed a successful lining process from the house trap to the city sewer main connection with a 25 year guarantee against structural defects.