Drain Doctor Is Your Plumber’s Plumber

After experiencing slow and very limited drainage for many years, this New Jersey resident (yes New Jersey!) had numerous plumbing companies attempt to locate and rectify his drainage problem. This client was repeatedly told that his kitchen line, which was in the back of the house, went to a septic system in the backyard. Makes sense right? However no one could locate the line in order to determine the cause of the drainage issues. After contacting his local plumber, who was aware of the Drain Doctor’s specialized abilities in this field, we were contacted.

Drain Doctor completed a comprehensive video inspection and line location of the kitchen line. Again, this process was allegedly completed by at least four other plumbing companies in the last four years. The difference, Drain Doctor did not make assumptions as to where the line should be and definitively pinpointed its route in a most unexpected location. We traced the pipe from the kitchen in incremental steps and determined that the line ran through the kitchen, under the living room, below the front patio and ended at the driveway in the front of the home, not the rear as was expected. It became apparent that when the client had the driveway repaved five years earlier, the line had been compromised causing the ongoing issues. Drain Doctor was able to excavate this area, locate the pipe, and establish a plan with the local plumber for rerouting and repairing the line. Both the home owner and the New Jersey plumber were extremely grateful and excited that this ongoing problem could now be resolved! So…when no one else can solve your plumbing dilemmas call the Drain Doctor. We are your plumber’s plumber!