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Nu Flow Vs. Inversion

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At Drain Doctor, we offer the leading patented plumbing technologies that allow us to repair and replace pipelines in the most effective way possible. Our team at Drain Doctor specializes in Nu Flow technology because it does not require old methods. In the past, traditional methods of drain repair and replacement involved harmful trenches across residential and commercial properties. This left home and business owners with damage to their landscapes, driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks, which resulted in extra costs that stemmed outside of their budget. At Drain Doctor, we will never damage your property or leave you with surprise fees.

For more information about Nu Flow technology in Rye, call us at (914) 290-6236 or contact us online. If you're located outside of Rye, fear not! We offer a wide service area that includes New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

What Is Nu Flow?

Nu Flow beats out traditional pipe repairs and replacements when it comes to saving customers invaluable time and money. At Drain Doctor, we are a proud, authorized Nu Flow provider capable of helping customers repair or replace their broken sewer or water pipes with efficiency. Nu Flow has several methods called pull-in-place pipelining and the epoxy coating system. Before starting the project, technicians must be able to determine if the pipe system in question is non-pressurized or pressurized to produce the appropriate solution.

Methods for Non-Pressurized Pipe Systems

At Drain Doctor, our capable technicians utilize Nu Flow’s structural lining process to fix up aged, broken, or cracked pipes that aren’t pressurized. This type of trenchless service is compatible with the rehabilitation of storm drains, sewer mains, kitchen drains, lateral lines, chemical piping, industrial piping, and many other types of plumbing systems.

The sanitary drain lining procedure can be divided into two methods: the Nu Flow pull-in-place (PIP) method and the inversion method. Our technicians are fully trained to conduct PIP processes where needed. Pulled-in-place describes the actual procedure of putting in the liner filled with epoxy that cures to take place of the broken one. Our technicians often combine the Nu Flow procedure with the Nu Drain system for unimpeded liner installation. Nu Drain is a versatile technology that can be employed on a variety of different pipe diameters ranging from ¾-inch to 12-inch pipes or larger. The Nu Drain procedure can typically be carried out via a single access point and the Nu Flow cured-in-place liner is inserted in place.

Inversion is a no-dig repair method that’s rolled out from any accessible point of entry while simultaneously being filled with steam, air, or water. After the curing process, the connection and endpoints are trimmed to allow optimal flow. It’s a method that works best for pipes that are laid out in a straight line.

Technology for Pressurized Pipe Systems

Nu Line trenchless technology can repair pressurized pipelines that are often used as water mains, conduit piping, compressed air systems, HVAC systems, greywater systems, potable water systems, and fire suppression.

Our professional technicians can map out the pipe system in question. We also find pinhole leaks via compressed air testing. Afterward, we conduct a comprehensive cleaning procedure to remove any and all buildup, restoring the original diameter and flow in the process. The special epoxy is prepared and inserted via clean, compressed air pressure.

The epoxy is allowed to stand for a few hours in order to harden. It forms a solid protective barrier in the line where applied, effectively sealing the leaks, cracks, and defects in the line.

Nu Line for pressurized systems can resolve the following common pipe problems:

  • Joint failure
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Pipe corrosion and discoloration of water
  • Mineral deposit buildup that impedes flow

Sometimes our technicians use Nu Line technology to strengthen existing pipe structures even if there are no leaks or broken lines.

The Advantages of Nu Flow Technology Over Inversion

The pull-in-place (PIP) method is more efficient than inversion because there’s no need to create a new access point. Additionally, inversion CIPP invariably stretches the liner fabric, which adds to the difficulty in having to measure total distance whenever there’s a bend in play. Inexperienced technicians will often make the mistake of having the liner terminate in an incorrect place, which leaves the section unlined. Or, the inversion liner can be overextended, causing it to block any branching connections. We recommend the Nu Flow system because it is more accurate, and in the hands of an expert technician, the repair can be exact down to an inch in sewer pipe systems.

If you have a problem in a small-diameter piping system, Nu Flow’s pull-in-place method will perform better, as it can provide greater coverage as needed. The trenchless technology allows technicians to line pipe systems that range from 25 to 65 mm.

By using trenchless technology, like Nu Flow, hardly any digging is required to fix broken pipes, which leads to less disruption and reduced landscaping costs. Your interior structures and home exterior will be left untouched as well. Due to the lack of excavation, your home or business will only experience minimal downtime and disruption. The process is much quicker since digging is kept to an absolute minimum. Additionally, the lack of trenches reduces the chances of an accident or mishap.

Our plumbing specialists prefer epoxy pipe lining via the Nu Flow system because it doesn’t create any landfill or carbon emission as it’s being made. This trenchless procedure is proven to leave the smallest footprint when it comes to job sites. Massive digging just to fix a length of pipe can prove to be harmful to your property and the surrounding infrastructure. Our technicians make use of a wet-out procedure to further reduce waste generated during the repair. No digging means there’s no need to hire heavy machinery and trucks to get the sewer system back up and running. The entire process uses far fewer resources than other traditional plumbing repairs.

Nu Flow liner meets all industry standards in safety and performance. It not only fixes common pipe problems, but it also prevents the same issues from happening in the future.

Added benefits of the Nu Flow liner include:

  • It creates a smoother interior: The cured section will have a smoother material which improves flow and prevents clogs from happening.
  • It is seamless and jointless: Seams and joints are the weakest links as they are prone to loosening or to invasion by tree roots. The new material is much more difficult to penetrate.
  • It prolongs your system’s life: The new pipe acts as a standalone system and will last for 40 years or more.
  • It resists corrosion: Epoxy pipe lining is the best solution for root intrusion, corrosion, calcification, and breaks in your pipes. Without deposits there won’t be an accumulation of debris and as such calcification problems are minimized.

When Is This Technology Recommended?

Nu Flow liner technology is recommended when there’s a need to rehabilitate wastewater systems inside properties, which is often more complex than systems found outside buildings. The entire pipe structure will more often than not contain multiple pipe bends, angles, and elbows. Moreover, there will be multiple branches where pipes of different diameters converge together.

Nu Flow technology can be applied to pipe bends and elbows up to an angle of 90 degrees. The same trenchless procedure can be done to repair lines that have an angle of 45 degrees, all without compromising the liner material and the structure. The liner that replaces your old pipe will be significantly stronger than your previous one, allowing for long-term durability.

Our licensed Rye Nu Flow technicians often utilize the technology for spot repairs that span hundreds of feet via an access point located near the plumbing system. Additionally, there are times when only a small portion of the entire sewer or water main is in bad shape, and in these cases, Nu Flow allows for repairs to be done without the need to dig up or excavate along the line. Once the Nu Flow liner is inserted, our capable technicians have full control of where it goes with accuracy.

Call Our Team at Drain Doctor to Restore Your Pipes the Trenchless Way

Pipes will eventually wear down, develop cracks, and break over time. Our company understands that each plumbing problem is unique, and with that in mind we bring top quality to every customer. Our Nu Flow installers come equipped with the knowledge and years of experience to repair your sewer pipes with efficiency.

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